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15 Random Pictures of Belgrade Marathon 2016

16. APR 2016


You can see pictures of winners and cute and crazy runners all over the place. These are pictures of some Marathon details that are usually out of focus of mainstream media. Last of the runners that were in the race for almost 6 hours, people following runners on bikes and skates and Belgrade city streets during the race.

He is old and not feeling great. Nothing too serious though. I think he had problem with cramps.

Literally the last runners in 2016 Belgrade Marathon. All that traffic behind them with cops in the front is waiting for them to move out of the way because it was 16h and Belgrade Marathon 2016 was officially over. This was less than 1km before the finish line, but I think they didn't make it because streets were once again opened for traffic just a few seconds after this moment.

Winners and runner ups of 2016 Marathon chilling at the Nikola Pasica Square with extra clothing, paper/plastic bags and their trophies like it's nothing.