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20 Photos of New Belgrade during Serbia Floods 2014

17. MAY 2014


These are shots from today. Although river is starting to flood New Belgrade this is not yet something serious. Few years ago (or maybe almost 10? I can't remember) river was even higher than today, but experts are predicting rising of the river level so there is maybe still room for shit to hit the fan

This below is garbage can, just so you can see how higher than usual water is

Also these trees are usually not in the river :/

Here you can see that river still needs to rise a few meters to get over this bike and pedestrian track. It's still far away, but if that happens, we will have flooded New Belgrade

Open door gym is flooded too

But Mahatma Gandhi is still dry. We will se in the next few days if he will get at least his feet wet

Hello goose