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Anti ACTA protest in Belgrade photos

26. FEB 2012


On 25th of February 2012. we had first big anti ACTA protest in Belgrade at Republic Square.
If someone doesn't know what the hell is ACTA, watch this clip that explains what it is and why it could be very dangerous.

I think this protest was organised by Zeitgeist movement, but was accompanied with many slogans, including 99% (99 percent) and of course Anonymous with their masks

anonymous masks were heavily supported with rage comic friends

mr Guy Fawkes blushed after one gentle touch of a lady

protest was live streamed via netbook

I'm really bad at guessing crowd numbers, but many report figures of up to 1000 people

using megaphone and human megaphone (crowd near the speakers shouting, repeating words of the speakers so people far away in the crowd could here it) organizers sent message about ACTA problems and fight against it.

friends supported friends and together supported protest

Anonymous and pirates were together in this fight. there were also speakers from Wikipedia and other countries

like a guest from India

here is a sneak peak of the protest plan

after reading it and voting against it people started ripping apart paper with acta text

many stood in line to sign anti ACTA petition

Young, old, male, female...

Yup, girls are agaist ACTA too, you know

Anonymous gave few interviews to major TV stations in Serbia

even cops were interested in this

Neo was also there, so I guess this problem is solved

Protest ended and strong message was sent that there are many people in Serbia that are against ACTA