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Belgrade Marathon 2019 Photos

16. APR 2019


You can stop browsing all those Belgrade Marathon 2019 galleries. This is the best one.

Everything started with organisers dressing up for the race.

Spectators followed

And when the race started we saw that runners were also infected with the same type of virus

One of the Game of Thrones characters even escaped the show to see this race

First at the finish line was the fastest one in the 5km race. Although this race is officially without winners, at least you have a photo on El Belgrado showing you as the fastest 5km runner.

4th at the finish line was this dude who got all the attention after that moment. He was body-painted as Victor, Belgrade's THE landmark, sculpture that is symbol of Belgrade and work of Ivan Mestrovic.

Everyone wanted to have a photo with Victor.

When you look like that all girls will want a picture with you

They will also want to talk to you

But Victor is not only about looks. More on that later.

There were some big guys in the crowd. This one maybe looks like a big dog, but in real life it looks twice as big. I had the feeling he was nearly my height, just standing on all four.

Now back to the race.

Everyone run that day. That is one of the best things about Belgrade Marathon.
Whole families run together

Guys supported girls and vice versa

People on all kinds of wheels with big beautiful smiles that could be official symbol of the Marathon. I can't remember when and if I ever saw that many smiles anywhere anytime

But as you can see some of them were still so unimpressed with everything that they fell asleep

This is how you do tandem running. Just look at that running sync.

I guess guy on the right could be Nick, but guy on the left is 99% not Marija

Many tried to finish with style, as fast as they can. They were saving energy for this moment, that last straight stretch of the track, where they explode and you can literally see that on their faces.

This guy was fastest half marathon runner. Joash Kipruto Koech. You can see there is no one behind him on the horizon

Cute bangs on some of the members of the audience

The cult of stretch had their gathering at the premises of BRC cheering point

...where they gave you energy with uplifting messages...

but also tried shaming-style approach.

Everybody reacts differently so I guess they just wanted to cover all grounds

After BRC Victor finished his race he was also there to cheer you the fuck up

and he just couldn't stop

till you get enough

lot's of love was spread all over BRC's cheering point

other species were also chilling and cheering on the fences after they finished running their races

you could see some pretty beat up people refusing to give up, especially less than a mile before the finish line

and the greatest thing about the marathon is that there is always someone to stand by you

to help you, ready to lift you up

like you'll never walk alone is marathon anthem

Many cross the line with some kind of message and that's when you find out about few out of the pool of countless marathon stories and ideas behind runners. Here is one interesting concept. father-son bonding project Prvi put s ocem

and this, ladies and gentlemen, was the fastest human in Belgrade that day.

Isaac Kiprop Rutto winner of 32nd Belgrade Marathon with finish line in his eyes

skin so smooth you can use it as a mirror.

BRC Victor finally realized that he was standing naked on maybe 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) so he put on a robe but never stopped cheering and supporting other runners with his BRC fellows

he showed some strength

also it looks like Victor found Victoria or however you call lady that ends up connecting line of sight with him like this

Families were together not only on track but off track also

and this trend of kids giving hands of support to runners is getting bigger every year

Some of the guys shared Victor's state of mind and couldn't figure out that it was too cold to show the nipples, buy props for all free the nipple supporters

Cika Vlada keeps crushing race after race. [this was his 139th half-marathon]

Girls at the Capital Crew cheering point had maybe the best signs if you are into funny weird quirky ones, which by now you must know that I am

Men were not afraid to show some man love

This year we had record high number of Chinese (or maybe Asian in general) runners. For the first time along Serbian and English, major marathon signs were in Chinese also

With runners came many supporters

some of them stylish as fuck and all pimped up

while some were struggling others seemed to have extra amounts of energy ready to deploy at any moment appropriate. you want to cheer and give them energy? you get triple amount back at ya

Even after finishing race some of the runners had leftovers in their energy tanks

It wasn't easy for volunteers either. They had to stand for more than 6 hours and after a while they too search for alternatives to standing

Something that is now a tradition, we celebrate the last marathon runner to cross the finish line.

He dressed for occasion with his kimono, like he knew there will be one. While probably playing Eye of the Tiger in the head, he added few extra punches to celebrate finishing the race and show there was plenty of energy left in his fighting tank.

See ya next year you smiling fuckers :*