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4. Belgrade Color Run 2018 gallery

27. SEP 2018


Last year I arrived just when everything was done but for 4th Belgrade Color Run I was there before smallest of children started running.

The smallest of the smallest, pre-school squirts opened this beautiful day with their race.

They were cute, they were lost, smiling, crying, winning and having fun.

Some of them stayed clean at safe distance in the audience while other covered themselves with extra color. Amount provided by organizers was simply not enough for their fun loving color needs.

After the race they relaxed

played a bit

danced a bit

were colored head to toes.. heads mainly

and fastest ones were celebrated and got their prizes

After two child races we relaxed and warmed up for the main event.

5km race on a color bombed track. The most eye candy battle run was about to start

Dogs were in this race too

Race started and all hell broke loose. The most colorful and happy hell ever

This guy was first at one of the first checkpoints and he also won this whole race.

I arrived at checkpoint hell or bloodbath, however you want to call it, where racers were welcomed by red color slammed on their faces and bodies.

It looked like some weird cool fun version of war. Everyone covered in bloody red, shrapnels flying everywhere, people running and getting bombed all over their bodies

No one was spared, even dogs got hit

But everyone seemed to be ok with that. They actually looked like they are enjoying these attacks

Special hello for all of you checking out my camera dirctly

And if you find someone that will hold your hand and protect you and guide you through the battle like this, never let them go

This is on some holy level, like female Jesus coming out of magical cloud to make everyone and everything happy

And this poor thing looks like he was exhausted from this color fight but at the same time stylish as f

Some of you looked like as bad ass actors straight from post apocalyptic/special forces/alien hunting/sci-fi movie

many looked like those twins from Matrix 2 I think, disappearing in the clouds of colorful particles and appearing again

and there are those straight from world war scenes, taking care of their closest ones, carrying them through the battle

We saw many different ways of how you can finish this race. Holding hands, being pumped and exploding with energy or just having a big old smile. Most finished either with big smile on their face or chest up front arms spread wide style, enjoying their accomplishment and new colorful look.

As I mentioned, big hello for everyone checking out my camera and a special one for those greeting with horns hand sign

After the race you relaxed and even adults showed need for more color so you could see them rolling on the floor screaming MOAR MOAR

You looked beautiful

Love was in the air <3

And I guess he was explaining that he won the race by flying

You cheered from winning stand and sent big smiles to your running tribes

and when everything was done you could relax with some outdoor yoga. looking

I'm debating if I should run next year or again take my camera and make even better shots, because this is so fun event to shoot and participate too, but anyway I'm almost certain I will be there for Belgrade's 5th Color run in 2019. Visibility will not be that great because of colorful clouds, but anyway, see ya.