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Beogradski Sindikat concert at Belgrade Arena photos

29. APR 2012


Photo report from big Belgrade concert of Beogradski Sindikat at Belgrade Arena. Journalists estimate that there were around 14000 people at this event. Just before we start, let's put a bag on a girls head

now that we solved that problem, we can continue with concert photos

And here is exclusive backstage view of choir preparing to join Sindikat at Arena's big stage

Although most of the Sindikat's audience is younger population, which is not unusual, they are after all a Rap group, you can also see older people at their concerts. Mostly because Sindikat's lyrics are not your usual Hip Hop words, but often deep, dealing with political, economic and many problems of Serbian society.
That is why you can see ladies like these in the audience.

For end of this post, just a quick animation