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Delije and Grobari living in love and harmony

08. APR 2013


If you are living under the biggest rock in Serbia or you are maybe not from around here, here's some explanation - Delije and Grobari are supporters of two of the biggest football/soccer rivals in Serbia - Zvezda and Partizan. A lot of hate is between these two clubs and their fans. They are constantly fighting and few times in the past those fights ended up with not only injured, but some dead fans. So, one of the most hardcore fan rivalries in the world.

Girl on this picture is wearing Zvezda's beanie and scarf and guy is wearing Partizan's. This is a scene that you may never see in your life and you need some balls to do this in Belgrade, because you can expect to be jumped on at any corner. I hope that now everybody understands why this moment was interesting and special

It happened during today's protest against some government decisions that can lead to Serbia accepting Kosovo not being part of our territory anymore. I guess that message of this couple was that when it comes to such an important question as it's Kosovo to Serbia, even our biggest internal little wars should stop and we should fight together and not against each other in the more important battle.

And goofy version of first picture, which I may even prefer, but when you consider the theme and message behind this photo, I decided to put first one as main picture.