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Fur is murder in Belgrade

18. NOV 2011


When I got up this morning I thought whole world except one tree was gone.
For some unknown reason I like fog, but I thought it will be my enemy today, because people from Freedom for animals organization announced performance at Republic Square. Fortunately, fog was kind enough to allow us almost 10 meters of visibility (that's like 33 feet dude, it's huge). So thank you fog.

People gathered to protest against animal cruelty and abuse, using fur in commercial products and torturing animals for profit in general. I'm sure they also don't like torturing them for free, but that wasn't the subject for today.

For fur-free Serbia

Don't wear other skin on your own

Fur is murder

Fur is death. For fur free Serbia

After showing animal abuse video clips on small hand held monitor and talking about it on megaphone, two girls and two guys came out naked.. well, almost naked as you can see. They had underwear and socks all over their body :S

Temperature was freaking 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) and they were on the floor, in the middle of the street, for at least 15-20 minutes, if not more. After a while guys started shaking but managed to continue until the end of performance.

Stop fur farms. For fur free Serbia

[raccoons] Three good reasons not to buy fur. [red papers] Fur is murder. Say no to fur. Throw away cruelty.

No fur

Fur is sadness (Rodney Stanger)

This lady brought them blanket, but she just left it next to them (just in case?). They haven't actually used it

Electric shock. Poisoning. For coats

Tushy (Tooshie?)

Fur hurts

Pigeon :S

At the end of whole performance, organizers brought out vegan food (vegan sausage if I remember correctly) and offered it to everyone that were at Republic Square or were just walking by

Child :S

And a few in black and white, it goes well with this theme