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Istyle's Apple store opening in Belgrade

13. OCT 2017


If you were not at the iStyle Apple store opening you must be one ugly MF since this was the most beautiful Belgrade spot that day.
iStyle opened it's 3rd Apple Premium Reseller Store in Belgrade and El Belgrado was there. I wanted this to be 1st person experience, so right before opening I stood in line with peasan...regular people. Blending in the crowd gives you real experience of this event, much better than paparazzing from the side.

It all started with a huge line in front of the store. A few hundred people for sure

Security girls were there to guard the store with their bodies, DJ started spinning that shit, we even had a sax guy, everything was ready.

You can tell this is a big event when there is a guy with that big thing.

That guy later came back with even bigger thingy thing (ok i happen to actually know names of these things, kinda, but for most of you they are thingy things, so let's call them that)

Look at those kung fu cameraman moves. Give that guy a raise

Girls were giving away water to people waiting in line. How thoughtful

Program started and everyone put a smile on their face. What a beautiful thing life is. Especially Apple life.

The head of security was taking photos of security. That's their thing. They like to take pictures, that way they are sure everything is secure.

Security was laughing at me

Una and her colleague jumped right into the crowd and started interviewing humans that were about to tell Apple and iStyle to shut up and take their money

and here came Youtube celebrity clique, Mudja & Jana

Security girls quized people in line so they can win some prizes, like iStyle umbrellas or discount vouchers, I'm not sure. I skipped quiz because I was just pretending to be in line, I was not really part of it. Besides, I don't use umbrellas, I'm a more of a hoodie guy (or soaking wet guy :S)

Security was armed with cute little red killer knives

I think I like Apple and that I know answers to all basic questions, but i actually didn't. Maybe it's not because of my Apple ignorance but because i am really terrible with connecting years with events.

See, it's not me. Those were really hard questions. Una and guy continued with crowd-browsing and discovered a girl that came to buy her dad an iPhone SE as a surprise, but girl was too shy. Like hiding-behind-her-mom shy.

what an inception this is. i'm taking a photo of a guy taking a photo of girl taking a photo of someone that is about to get umbrella.

Have you ever seen a saxophone guy taking a selfie during his performance. Now you have.

Aaaand we're in

and it was a festival of eye porn in there.

Look at those lines and shapes and whites, just look at them

The space was beautiful, media and celebrity guests started browsing, eyeballing and shopping

Mudja was representing Jordan up and down

Those media bastards were all over the place doing their media thing..no, wait, i'm kinda from media too :S

iStyle staff waiting for the first regular visitor to kick in

Remember those security girls that have a job of posing for pictures? They are back

Mission Impossible scene recreation at iStyle's store

"Apple is for kids" - Wu Tang Clan

iStyle was cashin' in their opening

Mudja cashing out that sweet Youtube cheese

Marija Serifovic also walked out with a bag of Apple goodies

Color matching at it's finest

Security meeting

some people were in the store but a lot of them were still outside waiting for their turn. we don't want to overcrowd this place that is church of simplicity and space, right.

Security posing with lucky winner I think..or maybe just buyer.. or friend from kindergarten... but really I think she won some of the prizes that were given to a lucky customers on opening day

I'm not telling it was a karaoke night in the store, but I'm not telling it wasn't

Dude wooooo this iPhone is like wooo

Eyyo paparazzi are you laughing at ME?

touch and hold, ok that sounds simple, let me try

Umgh i lack in height umpfghhh could you help a bro?

Almost live version of those old Apple silhouette ads, right... right... no.. ok :(

Buy iStyle, it was a pretty sight. See ya around soon I hope

Bonus, video of store opening, employees cheering and first customers in the store.