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Serbian Pole Sport Championship 2017

08. JUL 2017


Continuing with a mission to debunk pole as object used only by topless girls with dollar bills attached to their thongs, after 2015. gallery of Pole Sport Open Championship here are pictures from first POSA certified (Pole Sports & Arts World Federation) Serbian Pole Sport Championship with international certified judges, where you can see another level of beauty of human moves combined with impressive strength and athleticism.
When pole is used for sport you can also admire it as you admire any sport moves, for example gymnastics, ice skating or even stuff that most guys could understand like dunk or cross over in basketball, nice dribble in football or beautiful or cool looking move in any dance, since pole is really a unique combination of dance and sport.

Event was divided in two parts, first one being amateur category.

Girl showing her Djokovic-style biceps during her after-performance stand up interview/show

Maybe the cutest outfit of the event

When they are not judging, judges are posing

It's time for winners. 3rd place in amateur category

2nd one

and round of applause for a winner. Amazing girl that started training pole just a few months ago, how crazy is that

Second part of this event was about Pro categories. It started with a few categories that were not really competitive since there was only one person in each category for most of them (Doubles, Amateur Men and Women Open) and only two competitors in Men Competitive.

This is the only picture of female double, but you can watch video of their performance and also videos of most of the other performances at Serbian Pole Sport Championship 2017

She smiled so hard during her post-performance interview, like she new (spoiler alert) she will win, but then again, most of the girls had huge smiles on their faces. Really nice happy picture to see

I bet you don't know that Anne Hathaway is Serbian pro competitive pole dancer :S

See the smiles? All of them all the time. Smiles are represented here by pro 2nd place winner and pole teacher of all 3 girls that won medals at amateur category

This guy won 1st place in Man Competitive category

This girl kicked some major buts but judges judged that it's not enough for a medal :/

Something about her mistakes and scoring rules for pole sport and bunch of other things that non-pole people don't understand but I think she was an audience winner with her native Indian girl dance.

Time for pro medals ladies and gentleman

The best the worst the only double of the evening. They were great really.

Men Amateur

Men Competitive 2nd place

Women OPEN

And now for the big shots. Women competitive 3rd place.

Second place hugging 3rd place

Everybody cheering for the 1st place girl, you go girl, get them.

Pro medal winners group hug

and laughing their hearts out, their smiles trying to escape from their faces how big they are

A little bit of victory dances and moves

That's all folks, see ya next year