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Underpants Run in Belgrade

22. FEB 2020


This is not the first time for guys and gals of Belgrade to run only in their underwear but it was probably the warmest of all meetups.

Organizers delayed this event waiting for a snow but snow decided to skip Belgrade this winter. Not only that scenery wasn't white, it was also fairly warm for this time of year and this event. Ok it's easy being smartass while wearing winter jacket as I did. It was probably not the most pleasant thing in the world being almost naked in 8 degrees Celsius (~46 Fahrenheit) weather, but more often than not this event is held during sub-zero freezing temperatures and snowy surroundings so they had it easy this year.
Maybe that's why few of them decided to spice up things a bit and took a bath in the nearby river.

I'm sure you will find a lot of race and pre-race photos online, but not here, because I was a bit late and came right after the race was done. Sorry :( so here are at least few fun post-race moments.

Draw me like one of your french poodles

My photos aren't usually the sharpest in the world but focus is way of on this one, it went to that lady behind. I decided to include it because this is the only close up photo of the bearded blonde god[des] that I have and I simply couldn't delete it. Quality content over technical quality, for life.

See ya next year maybe in freezing cold and snowy kingdom?