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Where the hell is Matt? In Belgrade!

21. OCT 2011


We met Matt. If you don't know who the hell is Matt, then you are really new with all this internet thingy, since currently his videos on youtube have 70+ million views and the most popular one 40 million views. Matt came to Belgrade to record dancing for his new video and I'll tell you a story about that.

He came as announced at Republic Square

but when he saw that there will be too much people to record them at that place, he decided it would be better to go to Kalemegdan.
And that's what we did

and I must say that Matt was a pretty speedy little walker. I guess he was in a rush to catch some light before the sunset.
While few hundreds of us were walking through Knez Mihailova street

some of the bystanders were confused, thinking it was some kind of protest (we have a lot of that in our wealthy country) and they started asking silly questions... "Why don't you have any protest signs?", "Excuse me, which one are you? (Izvini, koji ste vi?) Hey people, answer me! (actually that old guy yelled ALO BRE!, but I dare you to translate that to english)".

Unfortunately, everyone who was even a few minutes late at Republic Square didn't know about this change, so they missed everything. So all you can do now is enjoy the photos and learn to be on time and Matt will upgrade his organization next time. Deal? Deal.

So back to the ontimers. We arrived at Kalemegdan

and went straight to the Victor statue. One lady said "It was 10-15 years ago I last went to Kalemegdan" so Matt really managed to move some people.
While others were still arriving

Matt was checking out the place to find the best angle for the shot.

Then he started explaining how whole process works

people gathered around to listen

(Sebastien Tellier was also there)

many took photos and videos

somebody litle further away let go attention grabbing scream of joy

and fun already started there with lots of laugh, cause Matt is really trying not to leave a sentence without a joke.

Duck was there

After whole process was explained, he offered three notebooks (one of them had Justin Bieber themed cover, lol) where we could leave e-mails to get notification when new video is out.

He sold out most of the shirts that he sells on this trip, only really small sizes for children and tiny chicks were available

so I hope that means Matt will have enough money to cover at least part of his expenses (since this video is not sponsored).

Matt told everyone who had backpacks and bags and don't want to jump with it, to leave them at the side and reminded everybody not to worry since they had several hundred security guards at the place, themselves.

He started explaining choreography for the video

everyone started shaking their asses

ok, I'm kidding.. they were following Matt's instructions

and immediately after the lesson was over, Matt's trusty camera guy started recording video, all hell broke lose and everybody started dancing

ok, not everybody

This is how everything looks behind the camera (um, around the camera).

and at the end of the recording

Matt wanted to learn Serbian traditional dance, so one girl showed him kolo. Then he showed us his kolo skills

After official part was done, Matt was available for some chat and a photo with him. He doesn't know which shots will be in the final video, so we need to wait 2012 to see if Belgrade will be in it.