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Zombie Walk Belgrade 2018 Photos

15. OCT 2018


There is not a ton of activity on El Belgrado because I don't find ton of interesting photogenic events in Belgrade, but some of them that fit the theme are featured repeatedly here. One of them is Zombie Walk in Belgrade. Same place, same event, but there are always new moments to capture.

Around the same time of year, every year, dead people rise to stretch their legs through the streets of Belgrade in now traditional Zombie Walk.
There are always great moments during this event, police stopping traffic so bunch of zombies could cross the street, children crying scared of masked people but the best moment of this year goes to crowd of zombies growling LIDL LIDL and CHICKEN CHICKEN, referencing opening of discount store chain LIDL and their incredible cheap offer of chickens few days ago that turned thousands of pretty alive Belgrade and Serbian people in zombie looking creatures with chicken and other discounted food as their favorite instead of simple human brains.

THERE WILL BE VIDEO CLIP HERE IN A DAY OR TWO, SO MAKE SURE TO COME BACK, until then, check out photos from this walk